Water and Agricultural Biotechnology

Prof. (Emeritus) Gad Degani

Principal Researcher

Latest Publications

Cross-species conservation of a transposase-linked element enables genetic sexing of commercial populations of Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)

Curzon, A.Y., Shirak, A., Meerson, A., Degani, G., Hurvitz, A., Naama Ben-Naim, N., Domovitz, R. Ron, M., Seroussi, E. 2022.
Animal Genetics, 00, 1– 6

Changes in Tree Frog (Hyla savignyi) Coloration in Unstable Habitats at the Southern Border of Its Distribution


Academic Research, Higher Education, and Peripheral Development: The Case of Israel

prof. Gad Degani, Prof. Dan Levanon and PhD Gregory Yom Din

Study of the Habitats, Burrowing Behavior, Physiological Adaptation and Life Cycle of Spadefoot Toad (Pelobates syriacus, Boettger, 1869) at the Southern Limit of Its Distribution in Israel

Current Research in Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences Vol. 3, 27-36