2nd Annual AgriVoltaics Europe | 7th – 9th November 2023 Amsterdam | Netherlands

2nd Annual AgriVoltaics Europe

Agrivoltaics refers to the combination of agricultural infrastructure with photovoltaic installations and offers a lot of potential advantages to improve agricultural yields while simultaneously generating clean electricity, but also poses a lot of challenges since both energy yield and agricultural yield need to be co-optimized. There is therefore a large need for research collaboration between both the agricultural industry and the PV industry.

Energy or food from agricultural land ? Why should we have to choose ? Couldn’t we associate both types of production on the same land to get the most of the solar energy and achieve the energy evolution and conversion to sustainable energy production, while nourishing the ever increasing world population ? Is it attainable ? If so, how ? This conference will tackle the importance of agrivoltaics, several challenges that agrivoltaic systems address, and what is farm’s role in agrivoltaics.


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