Phytopathology, Biological Control

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Former students

Ofra Dahar Dr. Post-doctoral fellow (2018) (Israel).
Involvement of laccases in the maize pathogen Harpophora maydis - host interactions.

Daniel Movshovitz M.Sc. student (2018) Tel-Hai College (Israel).
Chemical protection against Harpophora maydis, the causing agent of maize late wilt.

Yuval Goldblat M.Sc. student (2015) Tel-Hai College (Israel).
Host physiology and environmental stress involvement in the development and pathogenesis of Harpophora maydis and the application of seed dressing to control late wilt.

Shani Cohen M.Sc. student (2014) Tel-Hai College (Israel).
final project, track without thesis. Research topic is: Environmental conditions regulate the development of the maize late wilt-causal agent, Harpophora maydis.

Gilad Cernica M.Sc. student (2012) Tel-Hai College (Israel).
The agent of Late wilt of corn, Harpophora maydis, pathogenesis and control.

Ran Drori M.Sc. student (2009) The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel).
Involvement of Harpophora maydis in wilt of sweet corn: Characterization of the disease cycle and development of protection and control.