Israeli Excellence Week at Migal

Invite: Dr. Itai Sharon's lecture at Darma Bar Tuesday | 10.5.22 | 20:30 Israeli Excellence Week

Event:  Science at the bar
Dr. Itai Sharon's lecture at Darma Bar

| Kibbutz HaGoshrim Tuesday 10.5.22 | 20:30 - 22: 30
Israeli Excellence Week

Innovation at the bar! Migal will host Dr. Itai Sharon as he presents his the lecture "Building the Tree of Life Genome after Genome". How do we learn about life on earth? How did the revolutions in DNA sequencing and computing affect our ability to learn about life? And what do we "get out of it" in the fields of medicine, the environment and more?

An open meeting, where Itai will bring his personal perspective on his work, in a fun and light gathering at the bar, which includes a conversation with the audience, questions and answers and more!
Location: Dharma Bar, Kibbutz HaGoshrim

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