promoting gender equality

MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute hereby declares and reaffirms its commitment to promoting gender equality and advancing the cause of diversity and inclusion in all its operations and programs. In line with the guidelines of Horizon Europe, MIGAL has developed a comprehensive program to address the persistent gender inequalities in research and innovation.

The program builds on extensive research and best practices. It aims to promote gender equality in all aspects of the MIGAL research and innovation ecosystem, including recruitment and selection, leadership, and funding. It will focus on creating a more inclusive workplace culture and promoting equal opportunities for women and other under-represented groups. The program will be implemented through various initiatives, including training and capacity-building activities, mentorship programs, and establishing gender equality networks and communities of practice. MIGAL will also work to ensure that its policies and programs align with the guidelines of Horizon Europe.

MIGAL is committed to leading by example and promoting gender equality in all aspects of its work. The gender equality program is a key part of this effort, and we look forward to working with our partners and stakeholders to advance this important cause. This plan considers the research and best practices in the field and is designed to address the persistent gender program in our society. The plan covers a range of areas, including increasing the representation of women in leadership positions and ensuring that women have equal access to career opportunities. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all, and this plan will be a crucial step in that direction. 

This program will bring together experts and leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to achieving gender equality and will provide a platform for sharing best practices and innovative solutions. The program will be structured to encourage active participation and engagement from all attendees, providing a unique opportunity to learn from each other and build networks for ongoing collaboration. We believe this program will significantly contribute to advancing gender equality at MIGAL.

The complete plan was submitted to the institute's management and was approved on 16/01/2023 by its board. MIGAL established a gender community to operate the plan for 2023-2027 and it will report to management on its progress. 

The gender equality plan is part of MIGAL's long-standing position against any sort of bias, unfairness or inequality whether it be based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, race or otherwise.