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MIGAL, an internationally recognized and multi-disciplinary research institute located at the foot of mount Hermon in northern Israel, employs 220 people and up to 70 scholarship recipients (from Israel and abroad) in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs.

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The key to MIGAL’s success is, without a doubt, its highly qualified human capital: esteemed and internationally renowned scientists who engage closely and daily with the community around them in different arenas including education, industry and social involvement.

These are valuable interactions both for the institute and for the entire Galilee region. MIGAL has earned much recognition as a regional growth engine conducting groundbreaking multidisciplinary research and producing scientific innovation.

The institute operates in several sites dispersed across the Galilee region with the main ones located in Kiryat Shmona and Tel-Hai Industrial Park.

The ‘Spirit of MIGAL’, which has been the institute’s guiding principle for 40 years, allows its members to enjoy a high quality of life, balancing challenging and fulfilling scientific enterprises with enriching family and community life.


Ph.D. in plant physiology and molecular biology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
B.Sc. Biotechnology Tel Hai College , M.Sc. Biotechnology Hebrew University of Jerusalem