Meet Gal Nov

Gal Nov
Gal Nov
Master of Science Student
B.Sc. Biotechnology Tel Hai College
Member of Research Lab
Gal Nov
Who are you and what do you do at MIGAL?

I’m originally from Kiryat Ekron, a town in central Israel but have been living in Metula in recent years as I am in my second year of studies for a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in the School of Agriculture at Tel-Hai College.

I moved to the north of Israel for a change of scenery after my military service at the Sde Dov airport air-traffic control. I then decided to stay and study here. This is also where I met my husband Hoshen and we now have a little girl, Havaya who is a year and two months old.

What made you choose MIGAL?

For several reasons. First, I wanted to follow my supervisor at school, Rachel Amir, who works at MIGAL and loved the idea of doing research with her. Secondly, I was very interested in the variety of research fields that MIGAL offers and the diverse group of people who work there, which I found refreshing and enriching. Finally, of course, I love northern Israel and MIGAL’s geographical location was attractive to me. 

Something surprising that people don’t know about MIGAL?

I am proud to announce that the plant science floor at the institute has become a zone free of plastic cups this year!  Each of the lab researchers has received a reusable glass with their name on it and we are inspiring all of the other departments to do the same as well.