Virology and Poultry Vaccination

Prof. Jacob Pitcovski

Pair-epitopes vaccination: enabling offspring vaccination in the presence of maternal antibodies

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Review: Melanoma antigens and related immunological markers

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Variation among replicates can influence repeatability

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Formation of multimeric antibodies for self-delivery of active monomers

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Immune modulation and treatment of Human papilloma virus-related warts by energetics of living systems acupuncture

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Optimized polypeptide for a subunit vaccine against avian reovirus.

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Practical aspects in the use of passive immunization as an alternative to attenuated viral vaccines.

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Immunological complex for enhancement of innate immune response in passive vaccination

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Immunotherapy of mastitis

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The impact of PEGylation on protein immunogenicity

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Immune responses to mucosal vaccination by the recombinant S1 and N proteins of infectious bronchitis virus

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Differentiating infected from vaccinated animals, and among virulent prototypes of reovirus

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Wide-range protection against avian reovirus conferred by vaccination with representatives of four defined genotypes

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Targeted microbeads for attraction and induction of specific innate immune response in the tumor microenvironment

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Transcutaneous immunization with hydrophilic recombinant gp100 protein induces antigen-specific cellular immune response

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Adsoption of two vaccine-related proteins to montmorillonite and organo-montmorillonite

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Coated cross-species antibodies by mannosamine-biotin adduct confer protection against snake venom without eliciting humoral immune response

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Genetic and antigenic characterization of sigma C protein from avian reovirus

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Mannosamine-biotin as a novel masking agent for coating IgG for immune response silencing and augmentation of antibody-antigen interaction

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Capture of tumor cell membranes by trogocytosis facilitates detection and isolation of tumor-specific functional CTLs

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Recombinant egg drop syndrome subunit vaccine offers an alternative to virus propagation in duck eggs

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Attenuation of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus and comparison of full sequences of virulent and attenuated strains

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A melanoma multiepitope polypeptide induces specific CD8+ T-cell response

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Immunological activation following transcutaneous delivery of HR-gp100 protein

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Genetic detoxification and adjuvant-activity retention of Escherichia coli enterotoxin LT

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