Research Assistant to manage a fast-moving global project (REMOTE)

As part of a 3-year project funded by the Israeli Ministry of Science entitled, “Artificial Intelligence-based Decision Support System to Inform Crop Choices,” we are seeking a research assistant to conduct research exploring farmer willingness to share data in a digital environment. The RA will be based at the Migal Galilee Research Institute but may work remotely from anywhere, and will conduct research under the guidance of Dr. Adam Abramson, a researcher in the field of agricultural economics.

The project investigates farmer motivations regarding data and crowdsourced information in two related studies. The first is a digital survey exploring these topics, and the second is a digital platform that will be offered to respondents of the survey. The aim will be to assess the stated willingness to share data and preferences for various crowdsourced information in a digital survey, and to compare that to how the same respondents behave in a digital information-sharing environment. The RA will help manage both of these initiatives while supporting a compelling research design to answer questions of interest.

About the role:

This is a remote or hybrid position with a high level of flexibility in terms of part- or full-time capacity. We are looking for someone to help manage a complex and fast-moving project that involves managing relationships with dozens of potential partner organizations globally as well as iterating a digital research project on a large scale. We may start working on a shorter term basis (6 months) and then see if there is a good longer term fit moving forward. Motivated and experienced candidates are encouraged to send their CV.

Key aspects of the role include digital survey distribution, digital product development (social network and crowdsourcing), iterative design and project management.

Start Date: ASAP


  • Strong (native or fluent) in English
  • 1st degree in a related field (economics, social studies, agriculture etc)
  • Knowledge and experience conducting surveys
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and data analysis
  • Self-motivated and willing to learn new skills as needed
  • Interest or experience in startups or business development

Preferable to have:

  • Experience managing fast moving and complex projects
  • International experience in research or business development
  • Experience building digital products and monitoring user experience
  • Knowledge of or experience in agriculture

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