Integrative Physiology

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Postnatal administration of leptin antagonist mitigates susceptibility to obesity under high-fat diet in ?MUPA male mice.

Zecharia D., M. Rauch, A. Sharabi-Nov, S. Tamir, and R. Gutman.
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2019 Volume 317 Issue 5 Pages E783-E793

Sepiolite Clay Attenuates the Development of Hypercholesterolemia and Obesity in Mice Fed a High-Fat, High-Cholesterol Diet. Journal of Medicinal Food.

Gutman R., M. Rauch, A. Neuman, H. Khamaisi, A. Jonas-Levi, Y. Konovalovae and G. Rytwo.
Journal of Medicinal Food 2019

Long-lived weight-reduced ?MUPA mice show higher and longer maternal-dependent postnatal leptin surge

Mariel Pinsky, Maayan Rauch, Atallah Abbas, Adi Sharabi-Nov, Snait Tamir, Roee Gutman
PLoS ONE 2017 Volume 12 Issue 11

Will our voices be heard? An inside view of an environmental public struggle at the Israeli Northern Periphery

Aharon Gutman, M and R. Gutman.
Israeli Sociology 2017 Volume 2 Pages 196

Time budget, oxygen consumption and body mass responses to parasites in juvenile and adult wild rodents

Garrido, M., Hochman Adler, V., Pnini, M., Abramsky, Z., Krasnov, B. R., Gutman, R., Kronfeld-Schor, N., and H. Hawlena
Parasites & Vectors 2016 Volume 9 Issue 120