Integrative Physiology

Dr. Roee Gutman

How to reduce waste using black soldier fly larvae and produce a high-quality product

T. Ben-Mordechai, R. Gutman, L. Shaltiel-Harpaz and I. Opatovsky
Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

Editorial: Circadian Desynchrony: Consequences, Mechanisms, and Open Issues

Gutman R., J. S. Pendergast, W. Nakamura, and S. Kojima
Frontiers in Physiology 14, 1177643.

The effect of short-wavelength white LED illumination throughout the night on the milk fatty acid profile of high-yielding dairy cows

Asher A., M Fialko, F. Fares, U. Moallem, S. Yaacoby, and R. Gutman

Does consumption of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) by black soldier fly (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae affect their fatty acid composition

Opatovsky I., Vitenberg T., Jonas-Levi A., Gutman R.
Journal of Insect Science

Does consumption of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) by black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) affect their fatty acid composition?

Opatovsky I., T. Vitenberg, A. Jonas-Levi, and R. Gutman
Journal of Insect Science, 21 (3): 5, 1-5

Mice held at an environmental photic cycle oscillating at their tau-like period length do not show the high-fat diet-induced obesity that develops under the 24-hour photic cycle

Steckler, R, S. Tamir, and R. Gutman
Chronobiology International 38 (4) 598-612

The aging mouse microbiome has obesogenic characteristics

Binyamin D., Werbner N., Nuriel-Ohayon M., Uzan A., Mor H., Abbas A., Ziv O., Teperino R., Gutman R., and O. Koren

Sepiolite clay attenuates the development of hypercholesterolemia and obesity in mice fed a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet

Gutman R., M. Rauch, A. Neuman, H. Khamaisi, A. Jonas-Levi, Y. Konovalovae and G. Rytwo
Journal of Medicinal Food, 20 (3) 289-296. 2020. Impact Factor of 2.4. Category Name, Food Science and Technology, Q3 (94/142). No. of citations, 6

Postnatal administration of leptin antagonist mitigates susceptibility to obesity under high-fat diet in ?MUPA male mice.

Zecharia D., M. Rauch, A. Sharabi-Nov, S. Tamir, and R. Gutman.
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2019 Volume 317 Issue 5 Pages E783-E793

Sepiolite Clay Attenuates the Development of Hypercholesterolemia and Obesity in Mice Fed a High-Fat, High-Cholesterol Diet. Journal of Medicinal Food.

Gutman R., M. Rauch, A. Neuman, H. Khamaisi, A. Jonas-Levi, Y. Konovalovae and G. Rytwo.
Journal of Medicinal Food 2019

Long-lived weight-reduced ?MUPA mice show higher and longer maternal-dependent postnatal leptin surge

Mariel Pinsky, Maayan Rauch, Atallah Abbas, Adi Sharabi-Nov, Snait Tamir, Roee Gutman
PLoS ONE 2017 Volume 12 Issue 11

Will our voices be heard? An inside view of an environmental public struggle at the Israeli Northern Periphery

Aharon Gutman, M and R. Gutman.
Israeli Sociology 2017 Volume 2 Pages 196

Does saline water consumption affect feeding and fuel deposition rate of a staging, long-distance migrating passerine?

Efrat, R., G. Shalev, R. Gutman, and N. Sapir
Journal of Avian Biology 2016 2016 Volume 47 Issue 378-385

Time budget, oxygen consumption and body mass responses to parasites in juvenile and adult wild rodents

Garrido, M., Hochman Adler, V., Pnini, M., Abramsky, Z., Krasnov, B. R., Gutman, R., Kronfeld-Schor, N., and H. Hawlena
Parasites & Vectors 2016 Volume 9 Issue 120

Estimating Energy Expenditure in mice using an Energy Balance Technique

Ravussin, Y., R. Gutman, C.A. LeDuc, and R.L. Leibel
International Journal of Obesity 2013 Volume 37 Issue 399-403

Metformin affects circadian clock and metabolic rhythms in a tissue-specific manner

Barnea, M, L. Haviv, R. Gutman, N. Chapnik, Madar Z., and O. Froy.
BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease 2012 Volume 1822 (11) Pages 1796-1806

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ? (PPAR?) activation advances locomotor activity and feeding daily rhythms in mice

Gutman, R., M. Barnea, L. Haviv, N. Chapnik, and O. Froy.
International Journal of Obesity 2012 Volume 36 Pages 1131-1134

Responses of gut microbiota to weight loss in lean and obese mice

Ravussin, Y., O. Koren, A. Spor, C. A. LeDuc, R. Gutman, J. Stombaugh, R. Knight, R. Ley, and R. L. Leibel.
Obesity 2012 Volume 20 (4) Pages 738-747

All-trans retinoic acid modifies the expression of clock and disease marker genes

Sherman, H., R. Gutman, N. Chapnik, A. Lorentz, J. Meylan, J. le-Coutre, and O. Froy.
Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 2012 Volume 23 Pages 209-217

Effects of Chronic Weight Perturbation on Energy Homeostasis and Brain Structure in Mice

Ravussin, Y*, Gutman R*, S. Diano, M. Shanabrough, E. Borok, B. Sarman, A. Lehmann, C.A. LeDuc, M. Rosenbaum, T.L. Horvath, and R. L. Leibel.
American Journal of Physiology ? Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2011 Volume 300 Issue 6

Long-lived ?MUPA mice exhibit 24 h locomotor activity circadian rhythms

Gutman, R., Y. Genzer N. Chapnik, R. Miskin, and O. Froy.
Experimental Gerontology 2011 Volume 46 Issue 606-609

Long-term restricted feeding alters circadian expression and reduces the level of inflammatory and disease markers in various mouse tissues

Sherman, H., I. Fromin, R. Gutman, N. Chapnik, A. Lorentz, J. Meylan, J. le-Coutre, and O. Froy.
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 2011 Volume 15 (12) Pages 2745-2759

The effect of the lunar cycle on stress hormone levels and foraging ecology of nocturnally and diurnally active spiny mice

Gutman, R., T. Dayan, I. Schubert, O. Levy, and N. Kronfeld-Schor.
PLOS one 2011 Volume 6 Issue 8

Caffeine alters circadian rhythms and expression of disease and metabolic markers

Sherman, H., R. Gutman, N. Chapnik, J. Meylan, J. le-Coutre, and O. Froy.
The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2011 Volume 43 Pages 829-838

Spontaneous caloric restriction associated with increased leptin levels in obesity-resistant alpha MUPA mice

Froy, O., H. Sherman, G. Bhargava, N. Chapnik, R. Cohen, R. Gutman, N. Kronfeld-Schor, and R. Miskin.
International journal of obesity 2010 Volume 35 Pages 226-235