Postdoctoral position in sphingolipids, phytochemicals and the immune system

Postdoctoral position is open in the laboratory headed by Dr. Dorit Avni in the field of sphingolipids, phytochemicals and the immune system in MIGAL.

Aim of the study: To characterize new algae-based active ingredients as a source of anti-inflammatory drugs or functional foods including the treatment and prevention of colitis and Crohn's. This study will be conducted as part of a grant from the European Union - Algae4IBD.

The laboratory specializes in a variety of methods: immunologies, biochemistry, molecular biology, metabolism and preclinical models.

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Scope of the position: full-time, for a period of two years with an option for extension, and the possibility of internship in Europe.
Start date: Immediate.
Location: Migal Laboratories - Kiryat Shmona.

Job requirements:

  1. PhD in Biotechnology / Nutrition / Life Sciences - required.
  2. Proven experience in scientific writing in English - required.
  3. Experience and understanding of working with animal cell cultures - required.
  4. Experience working with mice as model animals, planning and executing experiments with animals - an advantage.
  5. Working with large databases - an advantage.
  6. Ability to work independently and familiarity with advanced research methods and analysis.
  7. Good interpersonal communication, ability to work in a team, order and organization.


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