Bioenergy and Protein Design

Dr. Dror Noy

New homologues of Brassicaceae water?soluble chlorophyll proteins shed light on chlorophyll binding, spectral tuning and molecular evolution.

Prabahar, V., Jurnou, L. A., Paluy, I., Peleg, Y., & Noy, D.
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15N photo-CIDNP MAS NMR analysis of reaction centers of Chloracidobacterium thermophilum.

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Solving Structures of Pigment-Protein Complexes as Inverse Optimization Problems using Decomposition.

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Inside Back Cover: Fine Tuning of Chlorophyll Spectra by Protein-Induced Ring Deformation

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New Insight into the Water?Soluble Chlorophyll?Binding Protein from Lepidium virginicum

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Structural principles for computational and de novo design of 4Fe?4S metalloproteins.

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Water in Oil Emulsions: A New System for Assembling Water-soluble Chlorophyll-binding Proteins with Hydrophobic Pigments

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Fine Tuning of Chlorophyll Spectra by Protein-Induced Ring Deformation

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Assembly of water-soluble chlorophyll-binding proteins with native hydrophobic chlorophylls in water-in-oil emulsions

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The role of charge-transfer states in energy transfer and dissipation within natural and artificial bacteriochlorophyll proteins

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Accelerated electron transport from photosystem i to redox partners by covalently linked ferredoxin

G. Wittenberg; W. Sheffler; D. Darchi; D. Baker; D. Noy
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Bimodal intramolecular excitation energy transfer in a multichromophore photosynthetic model system: Hybrid fusion proteins comprising natural phycobilin- and artificial chlorophyll-binding domains

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A minimal phycobilisome: Fusion and chromophorylation of the truncated core-membrane linker and phycocyanin

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Empirical and computational design of iron-sulfur cluster proteins

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Electron transport between photosystem ii and photosystem i encapsulated in sol-gel glasses

F. Kopnov; I. Cohen-Ofri; D. Noy
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Zinc-bacteriochlorophyllide dimers in de novo designed four-helix bundle proteins. A model system for natural light energy harvesting and dissipation

I. Cohen-Ofri; M. Van Gastel; J. Grzyb; A. Brandis; I. Pinkas; W. Lubitz; D. Noy
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Design principles for chlorophyll-binding sites in helical proteins

P. Braun; E. Goldberg; C. Negron; M. Von Jan; F. Xu; V. Nanda; R. L. Koder; D. Noy
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De novo design of a non-natural fold for an iron-sulfur protein: Alpha-helical coiled-coil with a four-iron four-sulfur cluster binding site in its central core

J. Grzyb; F. Xu; L. Weiner; E. J. Reijerse; W. Lubitz; V. Nanda; D. Noy
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De Novo Designed Bacteriochlorophyll-Binding Helix-Bundle Proteins

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Natural photosystems from an engineer's perspective: Length, time, and energy scales of charge and energy transfer

D. Noy
Photosynthesis Research 2008 Volume 95 Issue 1 Pages 23-35

The bacterial flagellar switch complex is getting more complex

G. N. Cohen-Ben-Lulu; N. R. Francis; E. Shimoni; D. Noy; Y. Davidov; K. Prasad; Y. Sagi; G. Cecchini; R. M. Johnstone; M. Eisenbach
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Zinc-amyloid beta interactions on a millisecond time-scale stabilize non-fibrillar Alzheimer-related species

D. Noy; I. Solomonov; O. Sinkevich; T. Arad; K. Kjaer; I. Sagi
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Bacteriochlorophyll Protein Maquettes

D. Noy; C. Moser; P. L. Dutton
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Design and engineering of photosynthetic light-harvesting and electron transfer using length, time, and energy scales

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Design of a minimal polypeptide unit for bacteriochlorophyll binding and self-assembly based on photosynthetic bacterial light-harvesting proteins

D. Noy; P. L. Dutton
Biochemistry 2006 Volume 45 Issue 7 Pages 2103-2113