Environmental Physical Chemistry Laboratory


Or Litig

A third year B.Sc. student at the Enviromental Sciences Dept in Tel Hai College, studying flocculation of OMW using nanocomposites.

Shai Dror

A third year B.Sc. student at the Biotechnology Sciences Dept in Tel Hai College, studying Heat Transfer thorough walls and matrices.

Elad Israel

M.Sc research student on Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals. Interested in environment pollution effects, especially at soils

Chen Barak

Computer Science and Mechatronics Teacher at Emek-HaHula Regional School Mentor of Galileo FIRST Robotics Team
M.Sc research student

Latest Publications

Photodegradation Kinetics of Caffeine, Desalination and Water Treatment

Rendel, P. and Rytwo, G.
Desalination and Water Treatment, Vol. 173, 231-242

The Effect of Electrolytes on the Photodegradation Kinetics of Caffeine.

Rendel, P.M., Rytwo, G.
Catal. 2020, Vol. 10, Page 644 10, 644

Sepiolite Clay Attenuates the Development of Hypercholesterolemia and Obesity in Mice Fed a High-Fat, High-Cholesterol Diet. Journal of Medicinal Food.

Gutman R., M. Rauch, A. Neuman, H. Khamaisi, A. Jonas-Levi, Y. Konovalovae and G. Rytwo.
Journal of Medicinal Food 2019

Securing the future: Clay based solutions for a comprehensive and sustainable potable water supply system

Rytwo, G.
Clays and Clay Minerals 2018 Volume 66 Issue 4 Pages 315-328

Thiamine-based organoclay for phenol removal from water

Ben Moshe, S., Rytwo, G.
Applied Clay Science 2018 Volume 155 Pages 50-56