Hydrogeology and Examination of Soil Fertility

Prof. Michael (Iggy) Litaor

Latest Publications

Phosphorus Sorption Characteristics in Aluminum-Based Water Treatment Residuals Reacted with Dairy Wastewater, Part I: Isotherms, XRD, and SEM-EDS Analysis

Zohar, I., M. S. Massey, J.A. Ippolito, and M. I. Litaor.
Journal Environemental Quality 2018 Volume 47 Issue 3 Pages 538-545

Phosphorus sorption to aluminum-based water treatment residuals reacted with dairy wastewa¬ter, Part II: X-ray adsorption spectroscopy.

Massey, M.S., I. Zohar, J.A. Ippolito, and M.I. Litaor.
Journal Environmental Quality 2018 Volume 47 Issue 3 Pages 546-553

The impact of olive mill wastewater spreading on soils using integrated approach of proximal soil survey, spatial, and multivariate analyses

M. Iggy Litaor & Nanak Khadya
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2018 Volume 25 Pages 7469?7478

Trend Analysis of Alpine Catena Response to Nitrogen Deposition.

Litaor, M.I., K. Suding, S.P. Anderson, G. Litus, N. Caine.
Catena 2018 Volume 170 Pages 108-118

Innovative approach for Recycling Phosphorous from Agro-Wastewaters Using Water Treatment Residuals (WTR)

Zohar, I. J. Ippolito, M. S. Massey, M.I. Litaor.
Chemoshpere 2017 Volume 168 Pages 234-243