Directed Evolution of Enzymes

Dr. Livnat Afriat-Jurnou

Principal Researcher

Dr. Livnat Afriat-Jurnou

Dr. Livnat Afriat-Jurnou
Directed Evolution of Enzymes

Enzymes are extremely potent biocatalysts capable of enhancing reaction rates by up to 1019-fold (kcat/knoncat).  Despite their great proficiency, enzymes exhibit a remarkable evolutionary adaptability (evolvability).

Latest Publications

Predicting nitroimidazole antibiotic resistance mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis with protein engineering

M. Lee B.M, Almeida D.V., Afriat-Jurnou L, Aung H.L., Forde B.M., Hards K., Pidot S.J, Ahmed H.F., A., Mohamed E., Taylor M.C., West N.P, Stinear T.P., Greening C., Beatson S.A., Cook G.M., Nuermberger E.L., Jackson C.J.
Plos Pathogen

New homologues of Brassicaceae water?soluble chlorophyll proteins shed light on chlorophyll binding, spectral tuning and molecular evolution.

Prabahar, V., Jurnou, L. A., Paluy, I., Peleg, Y., & Noy, D.
Febs Journal 2019 Pages febs.15068

"Directed evolution of an endoinulinase from Talaromyces purpureogenus toward efficient production of inulooligosaccharides"

Afriat-Jurnou L, Cohen R, Paluy I, Ben-adiva R, Yadid I.
Biotechnology progress

The role of protein dynamics in the evolution of new enzyme function

Campbell E, Kaltenbach M, Correy GJ, Carr PD, Porebski BT, Livingstone EK, Afriat-Jurnou L, Buckle AM, Weik M, Hollfelder F, Tokuriki N, Jackson CJ
Nature Chemical Biology 2016